With the climatic changes and other atmospheric phenomena, we witness a universal conscientiousness for the environment. One of the ways recommended to counter the contamination of our environment and natural resources is the recycling of the hazardous residual waste.

At C-MAG Chimie, the use of recycling in our treatments of the residual goods is very important and we are always in the search of new methods of recycling. By giving a second life to the hazardous residual waste, we significantly decrease our customer’s ecological print.

The recycling of the hazardous waste applies to a large variety of products. We can recycle the chemicals (oil, thinner with paint, acids, bases, batteries, etc) and other products (rags, oil filters, computers and screens, transformers, etc). The used oils, the thinners and the solvents, have a good calorific value. These products are recycled as auxiliary fuels. Their use as combustible decreases the new fossil matter contribution (coal, fuel oil, natural gas, etc). Sometimes, these matters are useful in recycling of other recycled products. Like the use of the used oils to heat the furnaces for recycling of gypsum or heating cement for the transformation in absorbent or others.

We invite you to communicate with us by phone 514-352-2228 or fax 514-352-4447 to discuss more in details of your specific needs for recycling of your hazardous residual waste and for the solutions which we can propose. A representative highly qualified will have a pleasure of answering you as soon as possible.

You can also send your requests via our email of request for information to info@c-magchimie.com or visit our Internet site www.c-magchimie.com