With the frequent changes on the level of the regulation for the recovery of the residual dangerous goods, it is difficult for the companies to create or maintain a healthy management of their residual goods in an environmentally friendly manner.

C-Mag Chimie offers a service of categorization, transport and recovery of dangerous and non dangerous residual goods adapted to the specific needs for each customer.

With our personalized approach for the analysis of our customers present and future needs for the transport and the recovery of the dangerous and non dangerous goods we provide professional services which answer their requests effectively.

The elimination of the residual goods is made safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. These dangerous residual or non dangerous goods are treated, recycled or sent to landfill sites in a manner that is compliant with the Department of the Environment. We are always in the search of new sites or methods of treatment of the residual goods with an aim of reducing the customer ecological print.

We invite you to communicate with us by phone 514-352-2228 or fax 514-352-4447 to discuss more in details of your specific needs for recovery of your dangerous and non dangerous residual goods and for the solutions which we can propose to be environmentally safe. A representative highly qualified will have a pleasure of answering you as soon as possible.

You can also send your requests via our email of request for information to info@c-magchimie.com or visit our Internet site www.c-magchimie.com